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Last Updated: 5th March 2021


About Us

Our Mission

We’ve been into hacking, modding, repairing anything gaming related for over 20 years. Over this time, we have seen many websites go up and down that had incredible amounts of information nowhere to be found anymore and lost in time.

With GamingDoc, we attempt to restore some of the long lost information and bring up to date information onto the web.

Sure, now you may see content and proclaim “you are just copying other people’s work!”, and you are very right about this. We try to be an archive for whenever other websites shut down, we will still have the information available.

We share what we’ve collected over the last decades with you here free of charge and at no profit.

It is also tough to find good, up to date and valid information regarding Repairs, Modifying, etc. GamingDoc aims to solve this, albeit slowly, by updating our content to hopefully one day be an archive for all gaming related information.

With this in mind, we are collecting and publishing new content as often as time allows. Feel free to use the Contact Us form below to give us suggestions and feedback.


We currently seek information and content for the website.
If you have documentation that would fit on the Site, we welcome you to contact us.
We do not offer compensations for your contribution, we share all the available information for free and so should you.

Social Media

We are not very active on social media, however you can find us on the following platforms:


Copyright and Author Attribution

Many of the Guides, Manuals, etc. have been written by various people.
While we want to express our sincerest gratefulness to these individuals, it is sometimes puzzling to attribute who did what from many years ago. In many cases, it is simply not possible to find out.

Beyond anything else, our goal is to consolidate the information and create a comprehensive archive.

If you find yourself left without credit, please let us know, and we will make the necessary changes.

Takedown Notices

We invite you to contact us if you find any of our content infringes on your copyright or trademarks. If you or your company have any issues, we plead for you to consider the historical importance of the content and whether it would benefit the world if this content were removed.

We are a non-profit organization; we do this for the love of documentation, archiving, consolidation and historical documentation.

Linking Content

We strive not to link to any content.

This is not done to steal clicks (we are non-profit!), page or video impressions, but to secure the content for archival purposes.
It is a huge undertaking to maintain every link, video, and see if they still work; We rather focus our time on adding new content and documenting more.

However, we understand that some websites are ad-driven, and YouTuber videos are monetized. All Videos are re-uploaded and unlisted, and no monetization takes place. However, You can always contact us and ask for your content to be removed.

We plead for you to consider the historical importance of the content and whether it would benefit the world if this content were removed from the site.