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Last Updated: 5th March 2021

Yopaz IceStar


This puzzle game features 40 levels in 3 worlds, local highscore to beat the best time with your friends, Infinite levels possibility using the built in Level Editor, and an exclusive PocketStation minigame !

You play as a little character named Yopaz and you must collect all the stars in the universe, but the vacuum of space forces you to slide indefinitely when you run in one direction. Only an ice wall will stop you in your tracks!

With this unusual constraint, you will need to collect all stars on each level.
The world “Advanced” provides additional features for seasoned players.
You will be able to change your color and collect stars of the corresponding color!
Your color will also allow you to go through teleporters, direction changers, or even protect you from enemies!




This is not a free download, you will have to purchase the game at