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Last Updated: 5th March 2021

DCDigital Keyboard Support

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DCHDMI firmware v4.0 added support for a dreamcast keyboard. Currently only US and German keyboard layout is supported, and it has to be configured using the web console setup command (default is us).

The keyboard has to be connected to dreamcast port A.

Keyboard mapping

Key (combination)Function/Controller Mapping
CTRL+SHIFT+ESCButtons L+R+Start+X+A (open DCHDMI menu)
ESCShoulder button L (cancel/back)
RETURNShoulder button R (ok/save/confirm)
F11Button X
F12Button Y
UPD-pad UP

When entering WiFi SSID/password only 7bit ASCII is supported.
The following keys are working as expected:

HOMEplace cursor at the beginning of string
ENDplace cursor at the end of string
DELETEdelete character at the current cursor position
BACKSPACEdelete character preceding the current cursor position
LEFTmove cursor to the left
RIGHTmove cursor to the right


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Christof Harnischmacher

Daniel Kunz