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Last Updated: 5th March 2021

DCDigital Web Console

How to connect

If your DCHDMI is already connected to your local WiFi network:

  1. Open the OSD and go to WiFi Setup.
  2. Make sure it says [Connected] instead of [Access point] on the screen.
  1. Press Y to reveal the Web login password. You can skip that if you set a password in the Web console’s setup.
  2. Use a browser of your choice and enter the IP address shown next to IP address in the browsers address bar. If you are using macOS or Linux with a running avahi daemon or Windows with iTunes installed, you can also use DCHDMI’s zeroconf-Hostname (default: dc-firmware-manager.local)
  3. A login window should open. Enter Web login username and Web login password.
  4. A command prompt should be displayed.

How to update the Firmware from the web console

This assumes your DCHDMI is connected to a WiFi network.

  1. Connect to the web console.
  2. Optional: use check to see, if a new firmware is available.
  3. download new firmware
  4. flash new firmware
  5. reset DCHDMI to (re-)start with the new firmware.


Basic commands

configShow current DCHDMI configuration data
setupEnter setup mode, to edit configuration
checkCheck for new firmware using Firmware Server and Firmware Version configuration data
downloadDownload firmware from Firmware Server to staging area
flashFlash firmware from staging area
resetReset DCHDMI. This also resets the Dreamcast
helpShow available basic commands
helpexpertShow available expert commands
clearClear terminal screen
exitExit terminal

Expert commands

check[type](1)Check for new type firmware using Firmware Server and Firmware Version configuration data
selectSelect a file to upload from your computer
upload[type]Upload selected file to staging area for type
filePrint information about selected file
download[type]Download type firmware from Firmware Server to staging area
flash[type]Flash type from staging area
reset[type](2)Reset type
cleanupRemove all staged firmware files and forget about previously flashed versions
lsList files in filesystem

(1) [type]: fpga, esp or index
(2) There is no resetindex command

Special commands

flashfpgasecureFlash FPGA firmware while disabling the FPGA
bannerPrint DCHDMI banner
get_macPrint MAC address of DCHDMI
flash_chip_sizePrint ESP flash chip size
res_[resolution](1)Switch to resolution
deinterlace_[deint](2)Use deinterlacer deint (only works in 15kHz mode)
generate_onGenerate test video image
generate_offDisable test video image
testdataShows test screen
resetpllReset PLL
osd (on,off)Show/hide OSD
hq2x (on,off)Activate/deactivate HQ2X filter (only in 960p/1080p mode with Relaxed firmware active)
240p_offset ([0-9]+)Set offset for 240p mode (pixel x2)
osd (on,off)Show/hide OSD
spi_flash_eraseErase FPGA configuration memory
Write [text] to OSD starting at [column]/[row]

(1) [resolution]: vga, 480p, 960p or 1080p
(2) [deint]: bob or passthru


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Christof Harnischmacher

Daniel Kunz