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Last Updated: 5th March 2021

Firmware 2.X

Version 2.3

4th March 2020

Removed the de-jitter feature entirely. This is an experimental firmware, not loaded on production boards.


Version 2.2

4th March 2019

Removed the sync correction from the de-jitter feature as it caused sync instability under some circumstances (current stock version).


Version 2.1

Same as version 2.0 but with new palettes. Used during Feburary 2019 only.

Palettes are:

  1. Sony CXA (unknown origin?)
  2. Smooth (Firebrandx November 2017)
  3. YUV (Nestopia 2013)


The new version 2 hardware, released in February 2019, is not compatible with the old firmware (and vice versa).

Version 2.0 

 Adds de-jitter feature, compatible with V2.X hardware only.
This is not a stock firmware.

Palettes are

  1. RGB Playchoice (Nestopia 2013)
  2. FCEUX (Nestopia 2013)
  3. Unsaturated-V6 (Firebrandx June 2016)



Tim Worthington