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Last Updated: 5th March 2021

DCDigital LED Status patterns


LED status is only available, when Opt. reset mode in Web console setup is set to led (which is the default)

LED off

No power to DCHDMI or FPGA configuration is corrupt.

If the FPGA configuration has been corrupted, just wait for 2 minutes, as it will be reflashed by the ESP.

LED dim on

No clock from Dreamcast.

Check connection to VCLK

LED rapid blinking

No proper sync signal is detected (It’s normal to see this at startup/reset)

Check connections to VSYNC and HSYNC

LED slow glow

Dreamcast clock and sync signals are fine, no cable plugged into HDMI port.

Plug in HDMI cable or replace with another cable

LED fully on

Normal operation.

LED rapid intermittent blinking

Indicates video test pattern generation when in test jig. The generate_on console command does not trigger this status.


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Christof Harnischmacher

Daniel Kunz