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Forum Open & New Content

We overhauled the site’s functionality with better tables, image browser/lightbox, better PDF Viewer and the various bug and download fixes.

As always, you can look at the complete changelog.

Some Content and Fixes

Content Changes

  • Modding: PSIO has been overhauled and finalized in the Sony PlayStation ODE Section.
  • Modding: DCDigital has been added to the Sega Dreamcast Video Section.
  • Modding: GDemu has been added to the Sega Dreamcast ODE Section.
  • Modding: xStation has been added to the Sony Playstation ODE Section.
  • Modding: NESRGB has been added to the Nintendo Entertainment Section.
  • Repair: PS1 PU-20 has received a Map.
  • Repair: PS1 PU-22 has received a Map.
  • Repair: Dreamcast added.
  • Repair: Amiga CD32 Spellbound Rev 3 revised.
  • Information: Xbox Version Information has been added.
  • Software: SD Card Formatter has been added to the downloads.
  • Information: 480i Game List for Sony PlayStation is now correctly organized in the menu.
  • Information: Sony Playstation dithering information has been updated to include more pictures.
  • Image Maps for Repairs have had their zooming levels adjusted.
  • Software: Sony PlayStation Net Yaroze Software has been overhauled, and new Software added.
  • Site: Various fixes for the Navigation Menu (Ordering).
  • Software: Added Quartus II
  • Modding: Sony PlayStation Modchip Firmwares downloads fixed.
  • Technical Documentation: Super Nintendo CD-ROM & SDK added.
  • Technical Documentation: Dreamcast added.
  • Technical Documentation: Atari 2600 added.
  • Technical Documentation: Atari 5200 added.
  • Technical Documentation: Sony PlayStation 2 added.
  • Technical Documentation: Sony PlayStation 3 added.
  • Technical Documentation: SNK NeoGeo MVS added.
  • Technical Documentation: Sega Saturn added.
  • Technical Documentation: Nintendo Game Boy Color added.
  • Technical Documentation: Sony PlayStation Portable added.

Website Changes

  • 3D Printing Models got a 3D Viewer (Click their Image).
  • Pages now show the last modified date.
  • Images now have a lightbox.
  • Pagination colours corrected.
  • Searchable lists have been added.
  • The date/Time of posts has the correct formatting now.
  • Print-Friendly sitewide integration.
  • Tables Search Buttons no longer overlap Image Lightbox.
  • Proper Code formatting/colouring
  • Added left click copy to clipboard functionality to Source Code.
  • Added more Glossary terms.
  • Image Map Search function now uses “Find…” as search text.
  • PDF Viewer has been “upgraded” to PDFViewer.js from the Mozilla Group.
  • Various Spelling mistakes and phrasing awkwardness corrected.
  • Streamlined Typography on the site
  • Columnized Glossary.
  • Fixed PDF Viewer to have no borders.